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About Kiminus

In 2014 Kiminus Agrifood Inc. was created as a Canadian family business with a philosophy of bringing flavors from all around the world to North America. Kiminus started with a manufacturing line of high quality ready to eat foods that were free of preservatives, such as the popular Iranian whey sauce (kashk). Today, Kiminus has added various different types of fruit pastes and dips, all made of 100% Canadian ingredients. In addition to this manufacturing line, Kiminus is now a distributor of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods; supplying products to grocery stores in B.C, Alberta, Ontario, and California.











Kiminus’s mission is to create and to promote high quality healthy foods made from simple ingredients by using a highly credible team and reputable international relationships. Kiminus also aims to create profound and personable customer relations, in order to further promote health and quality in our foods.

Kiminus aims to be a market leader in sustainable and healthy foods that reminds its consumers of home in order to unite families around the dinner table.



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